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The privacy policy outlined in this statement applies to our services provided at the www.findtarget.com domain name and related sub domain names. The purpose of the statement is to communicate the types of information that is collected through the usage of Findtarget.com search services and how it is handled.

information collection and use

Through the provision of its Internet search services Findtarget.com collects information on the individual specific keywords that are searched by its users, additionally Findtarget.com collects the IP address that generate the individual searches. This information is collected uniquely for the purposes of delivering relevant search results to the users, to minimize the possibility of fraud or other erroneous searches and to maintain the accounting of its business activities.

Findtarget.com does not utilize cookies to track individual user search behavior or utilize the collected search data to track search behavior to the individual IP level, we have no interest whatsoever in what individual users are searching for, we are only interested in delivering a quality search experience and ensuring that the search traffic is legitimate for accounting purposes.

information sharing and disclosure

Findtarget.com does not share or disclose any personal information that has been obtained during the delivery of its Internet search services to unrelated search parties. As a meta search engine Findtarget.com generates search results from a variety of search providers, in some cases Findtarget.com may deliver a valid IP address and keyword search term to these related third parties in order for them to deliver a valid search result that will then be displayed by Findtarget.com in its search results set. In all cases the purpose of this information sharing with related third parties is undertaken in order to deliver a better quality search result, to reduce and eliminate the likelihood of fraud and erroneous searches and for accounting purposes.

If you have additional questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us.