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About Findtarget.com

Findtarget.com was launched in June 2001 with the intention of facilitating the increasingly complex activity of finding information on the Internet. Unlike pure search engines or pure web directories Findtarget.com integrates the best elements of both methodologies and delivers accurate searches to most end user queries. Findtarget.com has also developed a number of additional search services specifically designed to satisfy particular end user requirements, these include local search, shopping search, picture search, job search and many more.

Our Mission

From our inception our Mission has been to help our users find the products, services and information they are looking for quickly and easily. To accomplish this mission Findtarget.com developed a number of proprietary Search technologies that focus on the most important Internet search criteria: Speed, Relevance and Accuracy. These search technologies aggregate the most relevant search results from the Internet and present them to the user in a fast and concise manner. The end result is simply the best searching experience on the Internet. We don't just help you search, we help you find it fast!

Some Findtarget.com Search Services

Comparison Shopping Search
Findtarget.com Shopping offers one of the largest and most comprehensive Comparison Shopping search engines on the Internet. With over 30 million products from more than 10,000 different shops our comparison shopping search service allows you to quickly and easily find the best shopping deals on the Internet.

Local Search
Findtarget.com Local Search allows users to find detailed business information from more than 12 million business in the US, these businesses are divided into more than 15,000 categories so that regardless of what service you're looking for you'll be sure to find in our local search engine.

Picture Search
They say one picture tells a thousand words and in our Findtarget.com Picture Search service you will find thousands of pictures, in fact millions of pictures. The Findtarget.com image search engine provides beautiful, sharp crisp images of millions of things, people and places.

Job Search
The opportunity to expand our careers is a significant motivator to increase our knowledge and look for opportunities and with the Findtarget.com Job Search Engine end users will have the opportunity to search from millions of jobs at every level all across the USA.

These are just some of the search services provided by Findtarget.com. We also have a free online dictionary with over 150,000 detailed word definitions, a Web Directory with over 5 million websites and more. We will also be launching many new search services very shortly. Please check back frequently for future updates.